Redevelopment Series: Aligning the Starts in Opportunity Zones

Hear the latest on IRS clarifications. Find out how smaller, rural and tough communities are using this tool to attract investment. Join the conversation in re-positioning your site or community to bring in equity investments for the long-term. Hear the latest from communities as diverse as Lorain, Ohio, Millinocket, Maine, and East Chicago, Indiana. A special focus will be on the approach taken by Montrose, Colorado. Join the conversation in this interactive webinar.

Redevelopment Series: How to Create and Maintain a Successful Brownfields Program in Your Community

Brownfields expert Kathy Castagna and Hallowell, ME City Manager Nate Rudy will present on tactics to create and maintain successful brownfields programs. The webinar will include an overview on topics such as brownfields legislation, getting the redevelopment process started, public and private partnerships, leveraging resources, and elements of successful brownfields programs. Additionally, Nate will present a case study on his successful brownfields program in Gardiner, ME.


Redevelopment Series: Strategies for Building Demand in Tough Markets

Tough markets remain across the United States, From small and mid size cities to struggling neighborhoods in our largest metropolitan areas, traditional real estate market techniques don’t work. This webinar focuses on creative approaches to attracting development in places like Gary Indiana, Toledo Ohio, and one of the great success stories in American Revitalization: The South Bronx. Find out how these techniques can be applied to your tough sites and struggling communities from brownfields experts Neil Pariser and Michael Taylor.

Economic Development from the State and Local Perspective 

In this webinar, presenter David J. Robinson, principal of The Montrose Group LLC, talks to us about the history of the global economy and how economics are involved in redevelopment. This webinar will go over economic challenges faced during redevelopment, as well as economic solutions and how they can be looked at from both state and local levels.

Post-Sandy Initiative – Building Better, Building Smarter

In this webinar, presenters Ernie Hutton, Principal of Hutton associates, and Mark Ginsberg, partner of Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP speak to you about the Post-Sandy Initiative. In the presentation they will review how this initiative was formed, the challenges caused by hurricane Sandy and how we can redevelop better and smarter communities to prevent damage from natural disasters in the future.


Partnering for Prepared: CT DEEP’s Web-Based Tool for Brownfield Reuse

In this webinar speakers Kathy Castagna, EPA Region 1 Brownfields Project Officer, Mark Lewis, CT DEEP Brownfields Coordinator, and Jim Rocco, risk management consultant at Vita Nuova LLC, will talk to you about Brownfield Redevelopment. More specifically, the will go over web tools and an accompanying website, created by the presenters, that give a comprehensive start to finish guide of what it takes to redevelop brownfields.


 Lessons in Green and Sustainable Remediation 

In this webinar, presenters John Simon, from Gnarus Advisors LLC, Melissa Harclerode, environmental scientist for CDM Smith, and Barbara Maco, from Wactor & Wick LLP, provide an overview of sustainable remediation from the US and international perspective. Melissa, Barbara, and John are all members of the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF).


Risk Management: The Key to Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment

In this webinar, speaker Jim Rocco, Risk Management consultant for Vita Nuova LLC, discusses sustainable brownfield redevelopment. He delves into the concepts of risk management and how they apply within brownfield redevelopment, as well as how this concept can be used in other areas of redevelopment, not only brownfields.


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