Episode 13 – Land Stewardship Tech Expands Brownfields Redevelopment Opportunities w/ Bob Wenzlau and Mike Sowinski

In the latest episode of Redevelopment Trailblazers, we talk to Bob Wenzlau, President and Founder of Palo Alto-based Terradex, and Mike Sowinski, the company’s Vice President, about the critical role that land use controls (also known as institutional controls) play in the redevelopment of brownfields and other contaminated sites, as well as the importance of long-term stewardship.

Over the last 20 years, Terradex has applied its innovative land use control mapping and monitoring technology to more than 20,000 projects, allowing for the safe reuse of properties where residual contamination remains while protecting communities, the environment, and cleanup remedies. Bob and Mike discuss how Terradex’s unique approach helps stakeholders address compliance assurance obligations, environmental justice concerns, and other evolving challenges at these sites. They also explain how drone imagery and AI are enhancing its applications and expanding the use cases that can benefit from Terradex’s tech solutions.