The purpose of the Rebuild America Program is to recognize communities in second and third tier real estate markets that have developed unique leadership teams for promoting and rebuilding their communities. Whether an elected official, city staffer, business community, or nonprofit community, we strive to identify the leaders who have played vital roles in revitalizing their towns. In addition to awards to be provided, we would strive to provide each community access to resources. They could include:

  • Focused small business lending
  • Developer spotlights
  • Access to public/private partnership support
  • Recognition nationally and internationally

Draft Criteria:

  1. Leadership: To what extent has the community/person been a leader in driving redevelopment in their town?
  2. Community Support: To what extent has the community generated enthusiasm about redevelopment in their towns?
  3. Progress to Date: How has the community checked or reversed blight resulting from deindustrialization in their area?
  4. Broad Community Impact: In what ways have the cultural, historic, geographic and economic assets of your community been complemented and magnified by communal efforts?

Mission Statement for The Redevelopment Institute: Our mission is to be pioneers in crafting big ideas and creative solutions that lead to reinvestment in the toughest neighborhoods and communities in this country.  We will work between the public and private sector to help create opportunity for our poorest citizens, to bring real world solutions to our most intransigent economic and social problems, and to promote integrated approaches to redevelopment of our most distressed communities. We hope to engage developers, government at all levels, corporations and communities to support the rebuilding process.