Risky Business: Overcoming Challenges to Attracting Investment at Brownfield Sites

As part of USEPA’s Re-Development Academy, part 2 of the 3-part webinar series discussed addressing risks upfront when preparing to attract investment at brownfield sites. Redevelopment of brownfields in economically distressed areas can present additional risks or constraints that are unique to the environmental and financial concerns of a project. These risks, whether they be environmental, physical or financial, can seem daunting. By taking a calculated approach, however, they can be managed and addressed as part of the redevelopment process. This webinar discussed alternative ways to address risks and liabilities related to a brownfield property. In addition, in order to dispel the financial risks of a project, the webinar gave an overview of the development of a brownfield investment package that provided property details in a way that attracts potential investment. Examples of risk management approaches and brownfield investment packages were provided, as well as a discussion of useful tools to support the risk management process and attracting investment for sites in economically distressed areas. It can be viewed here.