Brownfield Redevelopment in Action: Toledo, Ohio

Toledo is an Ohio town known for auto manufacturing, including renowned products such as the U.S. military Jeep. In 2015, Jeep announced that there would no longer be a need for Toledo’s South manufacturing plant, and the area was subsequently deemed a brownfield. With this designation, the site became part of the U.S. EPA’s Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program. Redeveloping the site was integral to the revitalization of the city and region. A tall, modern warehouse building was constructed to attract new suppliers, bring in good jobs, and innovate industrial-commercial uses, solar, and green infrastructure.

Vita Nuova played a critical role in broadening the vision for the brownfield site to reach the surrounding community. Expanding revitalization to the neighborhood, Vita Nuova helped engage over 30 different stakeholder groups with city, state and federal agencies to create an area wide redevelopment plan. Vita Nuova works to encourage and empower local leaders so that when a project is complete, the city feels confident using their new knowledge and tools to continue to bring life back to their communities. Michael Taylor, President of Vita Nuova LLC, served as a project manager for the Toledo revitalization efforts.