Introducing the New Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series

Introducing the New Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series

In keeping with the tradition of providing cutting-edge information about redevelopment trends, the Redevelopment Institute is reinaugurating the webinar series that started in 2006! Now called the Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series, the program will continue to focus on best practices and innovative approaches across the redevelopment landscape. While America is constantly rebuilding its cities and[…]

The Power of Partnerships: Exploring ULI’s Homeless to Housed Initiative – Friday, February 23, 12-1 PM ET

Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series  The Power of Partnerships: Exploring ULI's Homeless to Housed Initiative

In 2022, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) launched its Homeless to Housed (H2H) initiative through the release of its report “Homeless to Housed: The ULI Perspective.” The report, along with ULI’s growing H2H solutions library, showcases successful public-private-provider partnerships (P4s) and their vital role in delivering affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness. In this inaugural Redevelopment Trailblazers[…]

Episode 15 – Buildings that Create Jobs: Exploring Business Incubators w/ Tom Mancuso

Episode 15 – Buildings that Create Jobs: Exploring Business Incubators w/ Tom Mancuso

In this episode, Vita Nuova member Tom Mancuso discusses the key elements of taking a business incubator approach to creating local, long-lasting jobs for a community while recycling industrial and commercial properties. Based on decades of experience running the family business that pioneered this approach, Tom outlines the essential components of successful business incubators. He also emphasizes the versatility[…]

Episode 14 – A Visionary Journey through Brownfields Redevelopment w/ Patricia Overmeyer

⁠⁠Patricia Overmeyer⁠⁠ is the Deputy Director of the EPA’s ⁠⁠Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization⁠⁠. A pioneer in the field, she has been a leader in shaping brownfield redevelopment policies and implementation for nearly 25 years. Prior to becoming OBLR’s Deputy Director, she also served as Team Leader for the Brownfields Policy, Research and Outreach Team and[…]

Plan Your Brownfields 2023 Sessions

Brownfields 2023 is coming up quickly (August 8–11, Detroit, MI), and its exciting educational program has been announced! Don’t miss your chance to register and take in the following sessions with members of Vita Nuova and the Redevelopment Institute. Please visit the conference website for the most up-to-date information. Are You Revitalization Ready? (August 8)[…]

Episode 13 – Land Stewardship Tech Expands Brownfields Redevelopment Opportunities w/ Bob Wenzlau and Mike Sowinski

In the latest episode of Redevelopment Trailblazers, we talk to Bob Wenzlau, President and Founder of Palo Alto-based Terradex, and Mike Sowinski, the company’s Vice President, about the critical role that land use controls (also known as institutional controls) play in the redevelopment of brownfields and other contaminated sites, as well as the importance of long-term stewardship. Over[…]

Episode 12 – The Power of Solar on Brownfield Sites w/ Annika Colston

What do closed landfills, sand and gravel pits, quarries, and formerly-mined coal sites all have in common? They are all candidates for solar development. In this episode of Redevelopment Trailblazers, we speak with Annika Colston, Founder and President of AC Power, the only company of its kind that focuses solely on the development of solar on[…]

Episode 11 – The Economic Transformation of the South Bronx w/ Neil Pariser

The South Bronx has undergone an exciting transformation over the course of many years. In this episode of Redevelopment Trailblazers, we get a first-hand account from Neil Pariser, the former SVP of the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO). Through decades of work in this community, Neil led efforts to create affordable housing and[…]

Episode 10 – What the Brownfields Redevelopment Story Tells Us About the Future of Environmental Policy w/ Mary Ann Grena Manley

EPA’s brownfields program is a policy innovation success story. For decades, the program has empowered communities and other stakeholders to clean up and reuse contaminated sites safely. With increased data transparency, emerging technologies, and unprecedented levels of brownfields funding, the stars are aligned for expanding the redevelopment space. With a background in law, environmental policy[…]

Episode 9 – Recasting Your City w/ Ilana Preuss

What is small-scale manufacturing, and how can it bring Main Streets and downtowns back to life? In this episode of the Redevelopment Institute Podcast, Leslie Parrish interviews Ilana Preuss, Founder and CEO of Recast City, who explains how this dynamic approach to economic development bolsters local businesses and helps communities grow and thrive in an inclusive and[…]