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RE-Development Academy Announces Fall Webinar Series and Brownfields Conference Workshop

The Real Estate Development Academy (RE-Development Academy) is hosting a series of webinars and a Brownfields Conference workshop focused on successful redevelopment practices at some of the toughest sites in the country. The changing economic climate and shifting real estate demand makes clear that former industrial and brownfield sites are critical building blocks for communities.[…]

Webinar Series Coming this Fall: Catalyzing Redevelopment in Economically Distressed Areas

A Three-Part Webinar Series offered by EMS and Vita Nuova, LLC in conjunction with US EPA’s Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization The Real Estate Development Academy Program (RE-Development Academy) is hosting a series of webinars focused on successful redevelopment practices as a lead in to a Brownfields University Workshop offered at the National Brownfields[…]

Brownfield Redevelopment in Action: Toledo, Ohio

Toledo is an Ohio town known for auto manufacturing, including renowned products such as the U.S. military Jeep. In 2015, Jeep announced that there would no longer be a need for Toledo’s South manufacturing plant, and the area was subsequently deemed a brownfield. With this designation, the site became part of the U.S. EPA’s Brownfields[…]

Is a Zero Carbon Economy Possible?

President Biden’s promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 sounds like a wonderful goal, but is it really feasible? In his Bloomberg article, Dave Merrill makes the point that renewable energy sources take up much more space than the fossil-fuel-burning kind. The most intensive plan to graduate to a completely carbon free[…]

Opinion: Targeted Brownfield Redevelopment–Part of Building Back Better

In his recent op-ed, Roger Martella agrees with the strategy laid out in President Biden’s Build Back Better plan to focus public investments on the most dire brownfield sites in need of redevelopment. Martella notes that there is an established track record of how to successfully redevelop these sites, and still over 450,000 brownfields across[…]

Opportunity Zone Prospectus for Belfast, Maine

Investor alert! An Opportunity Zone Prospectus has been developed for the city of Belfast, Maine. Situated in the heart of Maine’s coastal region, Belfast is located 45 miles from Maine’s capital of Augusta, 30 miles from the City of Bangor, and 80 miles from Maine’s largest city of Portland. The City is known for its[…]

EPA Releases Report Showing Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment


The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization recently released a report with findings on the environmental benefits of brownfield redevelopment. The study compared environmental impacts of development at brownfield sites to those at sites that had previously been undeveloped or located in non-urban areas. The key finding is that brownfield redevelopments[…]

On Demand Webinar: Market Insights for Brownfield Redevelopment–Trends in the COVID-19 Era

Gain insights on how residential and commercial markets have been affected by COVID-19, and what communities can do not to help themselves take advantage of current or forecasted market trends when considering brownfields redevelopment. Webinar now available on demand sponsored by the EPA’s Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization Presenters: Juliet Burdelski, Vita Nuova, LLC[…]