Episode 10 – What the Brownfields Redevelopment Story Tells Us About the Future of Environmental Policy w/ Mary Ann Grena Manley

EPA’s brownfields program is a policy innovation success story. For decades, the program has empowered communities and other stakeholders to clean up and reuse contaminated sites safely. With increased data transparency, emerging technologies, and unprecedented levels of brownfields funding, the stars are aligned for expanding the redevelopment space.

With a background in law, environmental policy analysis, and communications, Mary Ann Grena Manley talks about the brownfields landscape from a regulatory, policy, and practical perspective, with insights on how programs and priorities have evolved and how transformational issues, including climate risks, environmental justice, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors are being integrated into brownfields redevelopment projects. Her company, 15E Communications, helps environmental- and sustainability-focused clients with communications strategy, content creation, business development, and public relations.