Episode 8 – Expanding the Brownfields Redevelopment Table w/ Jean Hamerman and Joelle Greenland

In this episode of the Redevelopment Institute Podcast, Leslie Parrish interviews Jean Hamerman and Joelle Greenland from the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR). CCLR is a national nonprofit focused on the equitable and sustainable clean-up of brownfields, with an environmental justice lens. Jean and Joelle discuss how approaches to brownfields redevelopment have evolved to become more focused on community needs. They invite listeners to subscribe to their newsletter, take advantage of their webinars, and learn more about CCLR’s other resources.

You can join CCLR and members of the Redevelopment Institute at Brownfields 2022 for Brownfields University, the Redevelopment Rodeo, and more!

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