Announcing the Rebuilding America Webinar Series

Rebuilding America

Join Us in Rebuilding America

The global pandemic crisis has had an extraordinary impact on the American economy. Despite the challenges brought on by the crisis, this time offers a unique opportunity for the nation to redouble efforts at revitalization. We at the Redevelopment Institute are dedicated to these efforts using a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary approach to rebuilding communities.

As part of the Redevelopment Institute’s efforts to strengthen our economy in these difficult times, we are inaugurating the Rebuilding America Webinar Series. This series of webinars will highlight successful approaches to rebuilding communities and provide the opportunity for communities to highlight available properties and market themselves to a wide audience.

The Rebuilding America Webinar Series will commence in early June and feature projects where the community has worked hand-in-hand with companies and real estate developers to bring about revitalization through unique and creative approaches to difficult issues.

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If you know of a community that should be highlighted in a webinar or are interested in joining the Redevelopment Institute in supporting rebuilding efforts, please email

Let’s rebuild America together!


Thank you to our founding sponsor T&M Associates for their support of the Rebuilding America webinar series.