Watch It Again: The Katahdin Region Former Mill Funding Strategy Workshop

This workshop brought together representatives from the mill communities of East Millinocket, Millinocket, and Lincoln with federal, state, and private funders. In this interactive session, representatives of the communities met virtually with those that might provide funding for infrastructure, new initiatives, and business startup and expansion.

This event was sponsored by the USEPA Region 1 Land Revitalization Program and Maine DECD with support from Vita Nuova LLC. It took place on February 10, 2022.

You may access the slides here. If you would prefer an audio-only version, you can listen on the Redevelopment Institute Podcast.



Webinar Agenda:

Mill Presentations

Chair: Jim Byrne, U.S. EPA Region 1

East Millinocket: Michael Michaud

Millinocket: Steve Sanders

Lincoln: Jay Hardy


Panel: Finance and Investment

Chair: Jonathan Poole, Maine DECD

Finance Authority of Maine (FAME): Carlos Mello

Arctaris Impact Investors: Jonathan Tower

CEI Capital Management: Traci Vane


Federal Partners Discussion

Chair: Jessica Dominguez, U.S. EPA Region 1

Overview of EPA Funding: Jim Byrne

Overview of EDA Funding: Alan Brigham

Overview of USDA Funding: Brian Wilson

Overview of Other Federal Funding: Jessica Dominguez


Federal Delegation Comments & Future Outlook

Chair: Jim Byrne, U.S. EPA Region 1

Senator Collins: Carol Woodcock (State Office Representative)

Senator King: Edie Smith (Regional Representative)

Congressman Golden: Barbara Hayslett (District Rep. & Casework Director)