EPA Releases 2021 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide 

Need additional public funding? Updated every two years, the EPA’s Brownfields Federal Programs Guide is an essential resource for communities looking to finance brownfields redevelopment projects. When considering the funding available, it’s important for stakeholders to think beyond the EPA. Indeed, help could come from federal agencies ranging from the Department of Defense to the National Endowment for the Arts!

In addition to high-level overviews of the brownfields redevelopment process and federal resources, the Guide includes an extensive rundown of various government programs and tax credits. Department by department, this handbook provides communities with valuable information on the financial assistance available as well as eligibility requirements, availability, and limitations. Snapshots throughout the manual include success stories that give hope to those brownfields communities who are looking towards the future.

To access the 2021 EPA Brownfields Federal Programs Guide, click here.