Plan Your Brownfields 2023 Sessions

Brownfields 2023 is coming up quickly (August 8–11, Detroit, MI), and its exciting educational program has been announced! Don’t miss your chance to register and take in the following sessions with members of Vita Nuova and the Redevelopment Institute. Please visit the conference website for the most up-to-date information.

  • Are You Revitalization Ready? (August 8) with Michael Taylor, Elaine Richardson, and Milton Reed: Are you ready? The brownfields redevelopment world is a complex, strategic, and often competitive environment that requires commitment and guidance. Join this workshop to learn the redevelopment process through a collaborative and interactive program.
  • Site Planning and Design – Join Us at the Brownfields Studio! (August 8) with Nicole Henderson, Sean Garrigan, Emily Blanton, and Aimee Storm: Apply smart planning and creative design to help your community revitalize brownfield sites in ways that align with the local goals and vision!
  • How Brownfield Leaders Are Responding to the Energy Transition (CCLR Breakfast, August 10) with Michael Taylor (moderator), Jon Grosshans, Andy Mace, and Annika Colston: In this discussion, you will hear from the EPA administrator’s office, the largest private industrial developer in America, and an innovative, woman-owned small business developing solar on brownfields about how new programs, dynamic strategies, and cutting-edge projects are driving forward the energy transition and community revitalization. Registration ends July 31!
  • Energy Transition and New Markets: Piecing Together the Transformation (August 10) with Michael Taylor, Jim Rocco, and Jon Grosshans: As energy production and consumption move away from fossil-based systems, the transition to renewable energy is impacting brownfields. This panel will explore the impacts of the energy transition as well as major incentives that are shaping markets and driving demand.
  • What Does It Take to Rebuild a Neighborhood? (August 11) with David Stebbins, Rebecca Gandour, and Jerome Shabazz: Rebuilding neighborhoods impacted by job loss, dislocation, blight, brownfields, crime, and poverty is not a one-size fits all solution. Increasingly, mission-driven non-profits are taking on larger projects to meet the multiple needs of communities. Join representatives from such organizations in this session.

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